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Festival season 2024! 3/17/23

2023 Recap 1/1/24

Dad back it, helping me grind kiln shelves! 12/17/23

Mini berry bowls! 12/7/23

Holiday Sale! 11/22/23

Something happened!! 10/20/23

Received 3rd place at the Iowa State Fair Fine Art show, in the ceramics category, for my trophy entitled "Warren County Summer." 8/24/23

Set up in Steamboat Springs, CO this weekend. I know, I'm a long ways from home, and it has been a journey for sure! 8/12/23

I have a mini 2D display up at Morning Bell Coffee Roasters in Ames this month! 8/2/23

Set up at the Indianola Summer Art Festival at Buxton Park this weekend. Couldn't be more beautiful out! 7/29/23

Changing the thermocouples in my kiln for the first time. Glad to have my dads help again. He's an amateur electrician, also know as a "farmer". 7/24/23

Now I'm seeing double. Meet Mido, the newest member of the household (top). Muta is still unsure (bottom). 7/13/23

Set up at the Reiman Gardens Art Fair this Sunday. I am indoors for the first time at this show. 7/9/23

My "it's raining at a show" set up. 6/9/23

At the Omaha Summer Arts Festival this weekend, and loving my new display! 6/9/23

So thankful to have my dads help with this huge project of making these display shelves. 4/25/23

Had a photoshoot in the studio today for an article in the Iowa Stater about my art career. So honored to be represented among other great ISU alumni! 4/17/23

Dad's helping me make new shelves to go with my new tent! He's a master of making jigs. 4/13/23

Decal kiln looking good! 4/10/23

Bought myself a new Trimline tent this year. I used a pop-up tent I bought for $200 at Sam's Club for 5 years, but it was time to upgrade to a more sturdy tent that will last me probably until I retire! 4/5/23

Nebraska Furniture Mart Women's Day. Got to display my work to a group of professional women and listen to a wonderful panel. 3/26/23

Decal kiln. 3/24/23


Memorial display for a dear pet, featuring a custom pet portrait and a custom ceramic urn. 3/19/23

Palette for my most recent painting. 2/12/23

Presenting at the Business of Art Conference hosted by the Octagon Center for the Art and the Ames Community Arts Council. I presented on small production tips and tricks where I talked about strategies I have learned to help be more productive and efficient with my work. Great crowd! 3/4/23

I entered my dad's photo, of this crazy post with all these nails in it, into the Octagonal Show. It got juried in and is on display in the public gallery. I entered him into the show without asking and surprised him with it for his birthday. Proud daughter moment, and a reminder that everyone is a artist! 3/3/23

I prefer to use these MDF bats to throw on. They don't warp overtime as fast as plastic bats do. 2/17/23

Loving this set up. 2/14/23

My intern Nikole made 500 tea caddies this week! 1/26/23

Trophy time! 1/12/23

Made these custom, simplistic goblets for a cousin, and I am in love. 12/25/23

Mans won't let me work. 12/21/22

My little helper 12/9/22

Thanks to Marion Nehmer for inviting me the their ceramics show at Main Frame Studios in Des Moines! 12/2/22

Berry Bowls 11/12/22

Handsome boy <3 11/16/22

At Art on the Prairie this weekend in Perry, Iowa. I am located in the Hotel Pattee. 11/12/22



I am so blessed to have supportive parents. I would not be doing all that I am doing now without their support and the support from Garrett and everyone out there who have bought artwork from me! 11/3/22

Back where it all began. College of Design. 11/3/22


So much going on at this event! See you all there! 10/29/22

Love being able to talk directly with students. 10/28/22

So excited to receive this award in a couple weeks! 10/21/22

Thank you to my ceramics professor, Ingrid Lilligren for nominating me, you are a life long mentor and friend. 10/21/22

Got a new old chalkboard sign installed in the office. Very important information displayed :P 10/16/22

Well something happened this weekend... 10/9/22

At the Octagon Art Festival with my witch hat. hehe 9/27/22

Happy October to me I guess. 10/2/22

New mug form! 9/20/22

Just some feline inspiration. 9/15/22

From the College of Design news letter. Thanks for sharing! 9/8/22

My parents got a handmade bench as a present from some friends. I claimed it for the front of the studio. 9/1/22

Thanks to the Iowa State Fair for the blue ribbon in the ceramics category of the Fine Arts Show! Last year I got a merit award for my pig ribbon project, so we're working up! And thanks to everyone who reached out to congratulate me! I wouldn't have know I won without you guys. I couldn't make it to the fair this year. Gotta love the fair! 8/29/22


In Love 8/21/22

So excited to be back at the Des Moines Challenge at Pickard Park in Indianola, Iowa with my booth of disc golf art! Can't wait to see what this year holds! I get to walk and watch the players on Friday and Saturday, and I will have my booth up on Sunday. See ya'll there! 8/16/22

My Friday night. What a hot date. 8/12/22

Had a wonderful time at the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis this weekend. I had wonderful neighbors and got to see some familiar faces! 8/7/22

I got a new photo booth and I'm so excited. I haven't posted photos of finished pottery in a while because I was just struggling with lighting and color issues, but I think I've found a solution, or at least the next step towards better photos. I'm using my ring light with it too. Photos coming soon. 8/4/22

Usually my kiln loads don't look this beautifully, symmetrical. 8/2/22

This SATURDAY I will be at Buxton Park in Indianola, IA, 10am- 4pm, set up with my tent and all my goodies! Hope to see all my Indianola followers there! 7/26/22

Just making some small mugs over here, don't mind me. 7/26/22

Evening vibes in the studio. Loving it! 7/19/22

I have been working on updating my website, and it led me down a rabbit hold of my old work from 2016-2019. I was feeling very inspired by some stuff and may have to incorporate some ideas. My work continues to evolve, glazes and forms change over time (usually for technical reasons) but it's amazing what time will do when looking back. 7/7/22

I will be at Artfest Midwest this weekend, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5 at Hyvee Hall in Des Moines! 6/24/22

Just enjoying these summer nights. 6/23/22

My kiln set up is looking pretty snazzy now. 6/14/22

Just Bob here putting in more shelves in the studio. I have decided that you cannot have too many shelves in a pottery studio. 6/14/22

I won the merit award for my booth at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. It was my first award at an art festival! Thanks so much! 6/11/22

Thankful for all the help I get from both of my parents! Also, I had to stop my mom from accidentally trying to tell someone there was lead in my pottery. She forgot it was iron, not lead. *buries head in hands* 6/10/22

The zipper to my tent broke, and I didn't know it until it was too late. Thankfully my dad was there to MacGyver it, and we sewed it up. Of course I got a lecture on how I need more straps, bungie cords, and rope when I got to shows after this incident. I will be looking for a new tent soon! haha 6/9/22

Got a new cart off of Facebook market place thanks to my dad. Never a bad time for a field trip! 6/8/22

I have been looking up what the most popular dog breed in Iowa is, and found a number of different opinions, SO I want yours! What do you think the most popular dog breed is in Iowa? Mind you, not your favorite. So far I have found articles that list these breeds as being the most popular: golden retriever labrador retriever german shepherd & bichon frise! 6/8/22

We are at the Downtown Ames Art Walk. We are set up in Stam. AC, chocolate, coffee.... I think I could live here. Come chat with us! 6/2/22

I have a new intern this summer, Lydia, an Iowa State Fine Arts soon to be senior. I am very excited to see what work we get done this summer in the new studio! 5/16/22

My intern, Emma, from 2021 summer is all done at Iowa State, and is headed off to Europe for an internship! She had a beautiful senior show at the CASA Gallery. Could not be more proud and excited for her future! 5/16/22

Thank you SOOOO much to everyone who came out to the open house this past Saturday, and thank you even more to everyone who helped make it possible. It takes a whole crew to pull one of these off! We lucked out with some wonderful weather, and as they say "if you build it, they will come." I'm almost sold out of everything that I was working on, but I have new work at the Octagon and Knittery Nook in Ames. 4/13/22

My favorite model came to the open house, and even posed for a photo! 4/9/22

So excited people actually tried throwing for the first time! 4/9/22

Thanks to my Iowa State seniors for helping demonstrate throwing, and for bringing another wheel! 4/9/22

Set up for the big event! 4/9/22

Just too perfect. 4/1/22

Pulled these two love birds out of the attic at my parents old place, kind of forgot about them. Now they have a new home! Purchased and on display at the Lott Music Studio in Ames, Iowa. 3/31/22

The life of a tumbler. They shrink as they go through the bisque and glaze firings. 3/28/22

Open Studio Celebration! Mark your calendars! 2/24/22

Finally got around to making goblets! In love and many more to come. 2/12/22

When you're trying to pose for a photo for your open house flyer, and the wind picks up because it's Iowa and you live on a hill, and you're holding a very fragile piece of unfired pottery. 2/11/22

Birthday sprinkles for my favorite yarn shop, Knittery Nook, in Ames! They celebrated their 1 year of being open! 2/10/22

Back throwing! Sneak peak of the new studio! Don't mind my dirty mirror. 1/1/22

Thanks to my dad for helping me install soooo many shelves in the studio! 1/29/22

Progress is being made in the studio! 1/29/22

Just a fun analysis of my product development. Starting with the original painting to what happens next. 1/25/22

I have been on vacation and have spent the majority of the time making these tiny foods using polymer clay with my brother and his family. No matter what I do I can't get away from creating things, but these are adorable so it's ok ;P First time playing with polymer clay. Super fun and more challenging than I thought. We all got progressively better as we went. Now I will be starting a new business selling tiny foods. jkjk I'll be back in the studio working this coming week. 1/22/22


300 PAINTINGS!!!!! I just passed my 300th "Animal Board" painting this Christmas, and I didn't even realize it! Can't wait for the next 100! 1/6/22

New CASA Ceramics 2022 poster is up in the studio. Thanks to everyone for letting me photograph their work. 1/4/22

Handle holder turned planter. Love it! 12/15/21

Art Mart is open tonight! I can't help but get something for myself from another artist every time. 12/1/21

Thanksgiving gals drinking some cocktails out of some custom Caroline Freese Designs tumblers ;) 11/26/21

My Etsy shop will close for the season while I attend these events listed above. This is the last weekend to get your orders in! Stay tuned for more updates. Happy Thanksgiving! 11/26/21

Always a pleasure @lupa.the.tamaskan on Instagram 11/19/21

Can't wait to showcase some new products tonight. She be a good time! 11/19/21

Muta thinks he's helping. 11/17/21

The kiln is in place! Just waiting for the outlet and vent to be installed at anytime, and then I'll be doing the first test firing! Thanks to my dad for all his help! 11/17/21

CASA Holiday show is coming up, mark your calendars! 11/4/21

I always recommend that people get their animal boards framed at the Frame Shop in downtown Ames. They always do a fabulous job, and it's a great way to elevate and protect the painting long term. It would cost around $150 to get it framed in this style. Could be a Christmas gift if that special someone already has everything. Thanks Ames Frame Shop for the quality frame job as usual! 11/1/21

Just some anime themed ramen bowls for my brother. Still planning all my stuff for when I do my first art booth at a Con! 10/28/21

Just one of my favorite ways to describe an artist. 10/28/21

Always a reminder to get your custom orders in early. 10/28/21

Got some yarn bowls in process currently. 10/22/21

My dad made me a new tool. It's a depth gage for throwing. I can screw the middle piece up or down to have a thicker or thinner bottom. It helps a lot when I'm throwing a lot of one form. 10/21/21

Always loved the hedge apple texture and color. Hoping to be able to do something with this in the future. 10/20/21

Thanks so much to everyone at CASA for throwing me a surprise party to celebrate me moving to my new studio, it was definitely unexpected! Thank you for the flowers and support, it is always a blessing to have a supportive and caring community! 10/9/21

Beautiful day to have a Raku firings at CASA. We are participating in the Ames Community Arts Council's Ames Area Studio Tour event today. Good day spent outside with some pottery junkies :P 10/9/21

Product with the inspiration. 10/4/21

This is so great! Thanks @allison.kaiser and @oji4prez on Instagram for sending me these. I did the pomsky portrait back in early 2019 and just go to do their "new" dog! What a fun comparison to see my growth and change in my paintings this way, and I'm pretty sure it's from the same piece of wood, coincident. What good doggos! 10/2/21

Muta's gotta be where ever I am, and be in the highest place he can get to. 9/30/21

Little throwing/trimming demo today in the temporary garage studio. The official studio is still under construction but progress is being made. Aunt Verna and Garrett got their hands dirty today :P 9/30/21

In the temporary studio in the garage today, doing a little throwing and trimming demonstration. 9/30/21

I am at the Octagon Arts Festival in downtown Ames today 10-4! I'm sharing a booth with Breee Engelhardt Ceramics @bceceramics on Instagram so come check us out!!! 9/26/21

Studio in the shop is underway! 9/18/21

WOW Cherry Creek! You sold me out! I had only a few items left after this weekend. I had a blast and the weather was great, would love to come back again someday! 9/6/21

Big thank you to Garrett for all the help wrapping pots at Cherry Creek and to my parents for driving all my stuff out and bringing us food and water :) it takes a whole clan to pull that one off! 9/5/21

Thanks so much to my family who supported me in so many ways to get ready for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO, and for the room and board ;) 9/3/21

My pig ribbon project titled "Summer Success" got honorable mention in the multimedia category at the Iowa State Fair Fine Art Show. Super fun way to display all the fair ribbons I won over 9 years of showing animals in 4-H. 8/18/21

When your cat appreciates art just as much as you. 8/17/21

Check out my Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube channel to watch a video of how I finish my berry bowls. 8/5/21

Ingrid (ISU ceramics professor) and I talking about clay, literally. 8/2/21

My kiln arrived! It will stay in the box for a bit while the studio is still being built! Can't wait! 8/2/21

I am dreaming about tumblers now...... 7/21/21

Emma’s in the studio this morning helping me center for tumblers 🙌🏻 Getting ready for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO on Labor Day weekend! 7/20/21

More little mugs ☕️ 7/19/21

Exciting day, Nikko Locastro stopped by and got a disc golf cup, he was super nice and is now my favorite MPO player 😛 and my booth made it onto live coverage! Thanks for coming to Iowa DG Pro Tour! 7/11/21

Here we go! 7/11/21

Look out DSM Challenge, I will be set up on Sunday at Pickard Park selling these babies. Look for the white tent! Good luck to all the players and hopefully the weather holds out ⛈ 7/9/21

Made this special gifts for my roommate who is moving down to Austin, TX! Just the advantage of being an artist 7/1/21

Emma made this fabulous CASA Clay poster to hang in the shared clay studio at CASA. 6/29/21

Just a little mentor student matching <3 Thanks for the years of support, always. 6/27/21

Thanks to the Creative Artists’ Studios of Ames and the Ames Community Arts Council for the nomination and award for volunteerism. Ames has been a wonderful, supportive community to grow as an artist, and will always be my art home. Thank you to Ingrid Lilligren and Letitia Kenemer for all that I learned from them and being wonderful female role models! ☺️ Thanks to everyone from CASA and most importantly to my parents because I wouldn’t be here without them. So excited for the future!!

Yarn bowls after the glaze firing. Watch out! They're hot! 6/25/21

"The Pig" as my family likes to call it xD is on display at the Octagon Center in Ames, in the All Member Show -> go check it out 6/9/21

I am at DreiBerge Coffee today from 9-12 in the East Village, Des Moines! 6/6/21

Look who stopped by to say hi today! My favorite model @lupa.the.tamaskan 6/3/21

I am at Stam today for the Downtown Ames Art Walk! 5-8pm 6/3/21

That strawberry pattern though *drool* 5/24/21

Can you tell which ornaments were made with the last of my porcelain and which are made of B-clay? Btw I'm switching clay bodies! Porcelain was good for me to practice my throwing with because it was more challenging than most clays. Now, switching to a more "flexible" clay body, everything is so much easier! 5/20/21

Hi all! My name is Emma Bolles and I have the amazing opportunity to intern for the incredibly talented Caroline Freese this summer! I am an Integrated Studio Arts student at Iowa State focusing in ceramics. I have been doing my latest work centered around different whale species. If you want to check out my work or know anymore about me check out my page @emma_m_art ! 5/17/21

Yarn bowls and small bowls in process. 5/11/21

I am at the Art Mart this week, last night was the first day open, but it is open today 10-4 and Friday 10-4! Just head to the Iowa State Memorial Union, there's a lot of other artists there with some great stuff too! 5/6/21

Ugh I threw all of these and now I have to trim them!! Yarn bowls for the Knittery Nook and Fibre Co in Ames. 5/4/21

Here I am again at the lovely Morning Bell Coffee Roasters, it feels like just yesterday I was here for the Art Vacancy project, but invited me back to display some of my paintings and prints! It's a collection of work from the past 4 years, so you can really see the development of my paintings in person. Stop in and check out some art and get a cold brew (my new fav) ;) here through the month of May. 5/2/21

My dad came up to Ames with the dump trailer to help us clean out the studio at CASA. He didn't realize potters are hoarders at heart. 4/27/21

I just can't help but make a bunch of plabowls. Once I get started I just can't stop! 4/15/21

Tumblers going into a glaze firing. 4/14/21

This is me 100% 4/9/21

Look at all those loverly dog portrait stickers! Available on Etsy. 4/7/21

Got a new painting chair, and Muta thinks it's his! 4/4/21

Organizing paints, sounds like a good night ;P 3/28/21

Playing around with one of my dog coloring pages. About to send it to the printer! 3/4/21

Suns out, saws out. Prepping wood for paintings on my pop-up woodshop. 3/2/21

I just love some cute stationary! I'm all in on sending cards to people. <3 2/4/21

Uploaded new greeting cards to my Etsy page! 2/4/21

My pig project is officially on display at the Indianola Veterinary Clinic. Take your critter in for a check up and take a look! 1/31/21

Helping Dr. Freese preg-check some goaters. 1/26/21

Got my pig all framed up and ready to head to the Indianola Veterinary Clinic. 1/12/21

Getting wood milled by Hutcheson Lumber for framing up my pig project. 1/6/21

Did anyone else know this has a name and everything? 12/19/20

Check out the process for this dog painting. Too cute! 12/15/20

Just uploaded some new pillows to my Etsy page. Even this cute bat! 12/14/20

I had fun instructing 20 adults from my mom's work on how to make these cute little Christmas tree cards today over the noon hour. My mom's was definitely the worst and the best at the same time. haha 12/14/20

Muta watching the snow fall today. 12/12/20

So excited to share this, my first painting turned to tattoo! The tattoo was done by Derek Hutchison from Arcadian Tattoo, great work! Love to see this! Thanks Danielle for sharing the photo! 12/12/20

Have my stuff for sale at the Mary Rose Collection in Perry, IA. 11/30/20

Best ramen and pho bowl around! 11/27/20

First and last in person sale this year was a success. Thanks to the Iowa State Memorial Union's Workspace for hosting the Art Mart. It was a beautiful new gallery we got to sell out of. Can't wait for the next one! 11/18/20

Reminiscing on going to galleries with my mom in NY *crying face* 11/13/20

The CASA Gallery is official done with remodeling, at least for now. Ruben Ruiz has this show up now, and everything is for sale! 11/11/20

Met this little guy today in the studio. He actually was bigger than I thought a hedgehog would be, and he made more noise than I thought they would make! 11/10/20

I've got a mountain of decals to cut out, and Muta isn't offering to help. 11/3/20

Finished the secret new project. Read more about in the Collage photo album. 10/29/20

Cleaning crew at CASA today ;P 10/27/20

Painting the hallway outside of the CASA Gallery. It was a pretty horrendous lime green color, now it is white! 10/11/20

Working on a new project at CASA. 10/8/20

Thanks Morning Bell Coffee for giving me the caffeine push to get these pots done! 9/26/20

Added some more Tamaskan art to my Etsy! Thanks @lupa.the.tamaskan for sharing my stuff with all your friends 😁 You can search for specific things on my Etsy page, so if you type in “Tamaskan” all the Tamaskan paraphernalia will come up 😆 9/25/20

I took my mask off only to take this photo and sip some coffee ☕️😷 9/18/20

Support provided by the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts. 9/18/20

Got my paintings up on display at Morning Bell Coffee Roasters today - middle of October Thanks Art Vacancy 🎨☕️ 9/18/20

Plabowls galore! 9/14/20

Going full ahead with some new candles! Check them out on my Etsy page. 9/7/20

Muta likes to be wherever I'm working. 8/27/20

My Etsy is finally back up and running! Pottery, pillows, stickers, coloring books, etc. Check it out. Start thinking about Christmas ;) 8/26/20

Property Portrait at Hillcrest I did this symbolic acreage portrait of my parents farm, the farm my brothers and I grew up on. This way we can always remember the farm the way we see it. Where the pasture is, the pond, the alfalfa fields, etc. It’s better than an aerial photograph because it captures everything the way we pictured it. Acrylic paint on canvas 24”x30” 8/15/20

The painting I did of my cousin's adorable cat has to be the first this on display in their new house! 8/14/20

Iowa derecho knocked our power out for 30ish hours, but that didn't stop me from painting late into the night! 8/10/20

So true xD 8/8/20

Adding handles to mugs. 8/7/20

Muta has found a sleeping spot on my business storage shelf. I find him there often. 8/6/20

Developing a clear finish to put on my paintings to help protect them. 7/28/20

Testing out a new candle! Hopefully have some available soon. 7/21/20

Thanks to Z Magazine for sharing my photo on Instagram! 7/10/20

Sometimes I just throw colors in when I'm mixing, no thought, just impulse. 7/9/20

Some new greeting cards available! $3 each 7/6/20

Berry bowl in use with some homegrown blueberries! 6/20/20

Testing how hot my tumblers get with coffee in them. Not too bad, might need a little crochet koozie, haha. 6/14/20

Always love getting photos from people using my pottery. Those strawberries couldn't look any more delicious! 6/7/20

In-process cat painting. 6/3/20

Pillows are still available on request. Send me a message and I can put any of my paintings on a pillow. Three sizes available. 5/26/20

Made this special bowl for my disc golf guy. Still love doing special stuff like this outside of my regular work! 5/23/20

Handmade postcard swap through the Octagon Center for the Arts. Fun time making this colored pencil Totoro! 4/30/20

Fun contest to participate in on social media. Keep an eye out for another one in the future! 4/11/20

Even though most of my shows this summer have been cancelled, I'm still making pots. Message/email me if you're interested in a custom order! 4/10/20

Cute canvas prints of all my cat images for the super cat fan out there. 4/2/20

New jar style available. Really loving this design, and can't wait to glaze and decal them. 3/30/20

Very fitting for the time, plus I love Edward Hopper paintings. 3/25/20

New sticker designs available! Message/email me to place an order. 3/14/20

Octagon's Business of Art Conference at the beginning of March before everything went down, so glad we still had it. It was a great opportunity to learn, share, and network. I participated in the ISU Workspace's Throwing Challenge, judged by the great Jonathan Castro. I made it to the final round, but did not walk away with the win. Hope to see this conference and event happen again next year! 3/7/20

I put up a display at the Indianola Public library for the month of March. It got cut short due to a certain virus, but still glad some people got to enjoy my work. 3/1/20

I was the artist of the month at the Octagon Gallery Shop in Ames, IA for the month of February. All of my work was 15% off, and I even did a decal application demo one night. Great opportunity to share my knowledge thanks to the Octagon. 2/20/20

Just a great quote from my Grandma's bulletin board. 1/15/20

I have pillow available! Message/email me if you're interested in ordering one. I can put any of my images on the pillows. 1/10/20

Beautiful cat!! 12/25/19

Iowa State University student, Emily, displays her senior work at the CASA gallery. 12/9/19

My friends laid goggly eyes on the painting of their dog. They fit perfectly, too funny! xD 12/8/19

CASA's winter Holiday Sale and Open House! 12/8/19

Great little piece on local Indianola artists, including me. Thanks for the support! 12/1/19

CASA celebrates December birthdays at Taste Place. 11/14/19

I am in love with this vase. 11/9/19

I am at the Waterloo Arts Center for their annual Holiday Art Festival. Come check it out this Saturday and Sunday. 11/9/19

My finished vase from Ruben's class. 11/7/19

My favorite paintbrush. 10/30/19

Anna demos throwing to the students from Gilbert Highschool. 10/29/19

CASA is hosting the Ames High School art class. Demoing a raku firing with some of the students work. 10/24/19

At the Des Moines Pet Expo this weekend, and Molly got a participation ribbon for eating a treat. xD 10/20/19

Taking a hand building vase class from my studio-mate, Ruben. 10/18/19

My baby boy Muta turned 1 and he got a special portrait done. 10/17/19

I get to do a personal ceramic project every now and then. 10/14/19

Ames Artists' Studio Tour Gallery Show at the CASA Gallery. On display from October 4-6. Showcasing all of the participating artists in the studio tour. 10/4/19

West Elm Pop Up set up, can't wait to do it again. 9/28/19

The coloring books are in and will be sent out to everyone that got their orders in early! 9/24/19

I will be at West Elm in the East Village of Des Moines on Saturday, September 28 from 10 am - 2 pm. 9/23/19

I am at the Octagon Arts Festival. September 22, 10 am - 4 pm. 9/22/19

Just had to share. 9/20/19

I will be at the Des Moines Pet Expo for the first time! Bring your dogs! 9/13/19

Get your order in for the new Felidae Cats Coloring Book. Special deal available now! 9/11/19

Process: planning out my Llama painting. 9/10/19

Process: trimming berry bowls. 9/1/19

My pottery made it on the cover of this local Ames magazine, promoting the Octagon Arts Festival in September. 8/30/19

New Brown Tabby Cat stickers. 8/5/19

Doing sticker inventory, sticker, sticker, sticker. 8/5/19

Muta is helping me with greeting card inventory. 8/2/19

New greeting cards available. Love, love, love the strawberry. 7/31/19

30% off table at my annual Pop-Up sale in Indianola! 7/23/19

Marshalltown Art Festival Little windy this year, but excited for next year! 7/20/19

Anything can be a planter in the eyes of a plant enthusiast. 7/15/19

NEW Berry Bowls!! Cat Face, strawberries, and crows, all available upon request. 7/13/19

Artfest Midwest at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Great two day show, this was my first year participating, and I will be there again next year. 6/29/19

First time in Burlington, IA 6/16/19

Downtown Ames Art Walk. I was at the Chocolaterie Stam again for the 4th year in a row! 6/8/19

First time at the Valley Junction Art Festival. Little rainy, but turned out to be a great show. Love the old historical Valley Junction. See you next year! 5/19/19

Market Day Sale set up. First official show of the season. Next Market Day Sale is in December. 5/11/19

Come check out all the new junk! 5/8/19

"Now I just have to Decal all of that in the next 2 days" 14 hour work day 5/5/19

In the photo booth. 4/30/19

Have a small set up at the Johnston Library for the month of May. Really beautiful and modern library. 4/30/19

CASA Gallery All Member Spring Show set up. Thanks to all the CASA members who helped get this set up and looking so good! Great show! 4/27/19

Just messing around in the studio. 4/26/19

First showing of my Claire painting. It was very interesting applying my painting technique to a portrait. 4/26/19

The premier of my new pottery series. Lots of pastels and a touch of yellow! 4/26/19

Just finished getting everything set up. Can't wait to see you all there this Friday for the reception. 4/24/19

Decal firing in process. 4/19/19

Get the new series all figured out. 4/11/19

How I feel every time I start a kiln. 4/4/19

Watching Jeff Oestreich and Aysha Peltz demo at the National Ceramics Conference in Minneapolis. 3/29/19

Snooping around the ceramics department in Minneapolis with the Iowa State ceramic's students. 3/27/19

Working with the Iowa State Ceramics department, testing a whole bunch of glazes! 3/10/19

The advantages of being a potter: lots of dishes laying around to be used. 3/2/19

The first round of stuff thrown this year. 1/30/19

Great day at Ichibancon in NC, meeting Steve Blum, voice of many great characters. I got to meet Blum and have him sign this painting I did originally back in 2009 (redefining it in 2018). Now this painting has to be worth something, right? haha 1/12/19

Market Day Spring Sale announced! I will be there! 1/7/19

Late night in the studio. 12/29/18

So glad people like the new stickers! 12/27/18

Thanks to my supportive customers who post about what they've done with their Caroline Freese Designs products! 12/7/18

Getting wood at Hutcheson Lumber. Getting ready for more paintings. 12/14/18

It's getting festive in the Freese house! 12/8/18

Set up at the Thieves Market in Iowa City this weekend! 12/1/18

Setting up during the winter Art Mart Sale at the Iowa State Memorial Union 11/29/18

Love seeing what my friends do with their pots! 11/23/18

Well this decal ended up a little demonic. 11/21/18

Art on the Prairie in Perry, IA. 11/10/18

Decal application demo at the Ames Area Studio Tour. 10/6/18

Plabowl throwing demo during the Ames Area Studio Tour. 10/6/18

Family and friends visiting during the Ames Area Studio Tour. 10/6/18

Ames Area Studio Tour 2018, October 6 and 7, 10-4pm and 12-4pm. I'll be located at CASA (Creative Artists' Studios of Ames). 10/3/18

Edina Fall into the Arts 2018. Great show, beautiful location! 9/8/18

Iowa winter is coming. 9/4/18

Stickers? I think yes! 8/20/18

Mugs mugs mugs 8/15/18

Just an example of my coloring page/decal creation process for flowers. Taking photos from my mom's garden or photos taken at botanical gardens. Then creating the outline of petals and other details using illustrator. Then just a fun example of coloring it back in! 8/14/18

Just hanging out in the studio! Count down to Edina 8/13/18

Spoooooooon rests, one for me pleaze..... 8/10/18

What a beautiful day 7/29/18

Pop up sale on my parent's front yard! Any purchase comes with free tomatoes from my mom's garden! 7/29/18

Waukee Art Festival 7/14/18

Succulent Planter 7/12/18

Sneak peak of a future project?? 7/8/18

Reiman Garden Art Fair, next to the butterfly room. 7/8/18

Some new decals, ready for application. 7/7/18

Before and after glaze fire. Amazing what 2175 F will do. :P 6/16/18

Doing a lot of glaze testing before I glaze my big pieces. (Featured on cart behind.) 6/15/18

I look so hip when mixing glazes. haha Safety First. 6/14/18

I'm really into making plabowls, if you couldn't tell. 6/7/18

Love seeing my family enjoying my pottery! Tea Time! 6/2/18

Adele Clay Festival, first real booth set up. 5/12/18

Giant Mugs for sale on Etsy. 5/11/18

Get your mug on. 4/29/18

Just sitting here waiting for spring to come. 4/15/18

Decal firing ready to go. 4/4/18

All I have done is glaze, glaze, glaze. 3/29/18

Loading a bisque firing is the real life Tetris. 3/23/18

I have always been inspired by Miyazaki's work. I couldn't help myself with this Totoro cookie jar! 3/13/18

All the teapots lined up on the top shelf, ready to be glazed. 3/4/18

Thanks to Erin Carpenter for demoing to the ISU ceramics department. It's always refreshing to see the success of a fellow Ames potter. 3/3/18

Tea anyone? 3/1/18

Ready for a bisque load. 2/28/18

I think something came over me. ha 2/24/18

My new tool. 2/21/18

CASA is busy, busy, busy. Everyone is getting their teapots ready for the CASA All Member Show, "Tea Time." Reception is Friday, April 13 from 5-7pm. 2/19/18

Working on making steins, also known as large mugs! 2/8/18

Makin' teapots 2/3/18

My first glaze firing here at CASA, more to come. 2/3/18

My first teapots, ever! 1/25/18

And I'm officially back in the ceramics studio, finally! 1/16/18

My donation of $97 to Kiya Koda made it into the Indianola Record Herald! 12/20/17

I am so excited to announce that I have successfully published my very first coloring book, based on my original paintings! It is available to purchase on Amazon, and can get to you before Christmas! It will also be available on my Etsy page after Christmas. I'm hoping to make more coloring books in the future, yay! 12/9/17

Finally got them in, just in time! 11/24/17

It's amazing to look back on my growth over two years. 11/15/17

Photographing my new greeting cards. I'm even impressed with myself today. 10/1/17

Vase to planter in one swift motion. 9/30/17

Fashioned these family license plates for display. 9/23/17

Designed and painted this baby room, and oh man I am in LOVE! Inspired by Miyazaki's fabulous animated movies, and Avatar the last Airbender, all the characters are on removable canvases. Hoping I can design something like this again! 9/15/17

A dog is always part of the family. 8/9/17

My current studio space. Something is about to happen! 8/4/17

Hello from the Midwest! 7/4/17

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see me at the Ames Downtown Art Walk. I was graciously hosted by the Chocolaterie Stam again! 6/2/17

The Indianola Veterinary Clinic has a new addition to their Caroline Freese Designs collection. Dog Animal Boards are also still available for purchase in the main lobby. 6/6/17

The jewelry project is now on display at the Indianola Vet Clinic. 6/6/17

The vet clinic cat has claimed my button basket! Buttons and magnets for sale at the Indianola Veterinary Clinic. $2 each with 50% proceeds to Kiya Koda Humane Society. 6/6/17

Made my first donation to the Indianola Humane Society, Kiya Koda. For the past couple months I have been selling buttons and magnets at the Indianola Veterinary Clinic with 50% proceeds to Kiya Koda. This venture exceeded my expectations, and I'm so great full to everyone who bought one, and to the employees at both the vet clinic and Kiya Koda! This is a photo of one of the many wonderful cats at the shelter, and the youngest volunteer there! 6/6/17

Finally made it back to the blue skies and green fields of Iowa. My car is loaded with my spring collection! 5/29/17

Made these critters for my favorite critters! 5/21/17

Getting to know one of my clients here in Cali. 5/5/17

Beginning of the Chroma Grove series, more to come in the future! 3/14/17

Bring a little nature into your home! 3/11/17

Painted the Delay logo on this giant old saw. Always something new! 2/15/17

See the resemblance? 2/7/17

Buttons Galore! $1 each 2/8/17

My project, Life Experience, was on display at the 49th Clay, Fiber, Paper, Glass, Metal, Wood, National All-Media Exhibit. 1/27/17

Learning how to use an embroider machine with my aunt Verna, in Sherman, Texas. 1/17/17

Love seeing how people display their Animal Boards. Send me your photos! 2/3/17

New animal boards for sale at the Indianola Veterinary Clinic. 1/2/17

Working on orders over the holidays. 12/31/16

I finished a portrait of my best friend earlier this fall, and finally got to show it to her and her family! Titled: Life Experience, made out of old jewelry. It's amazing what wonderful inspiration Lauren Engley gives me. 11/23/16

Just playing around. Meow 11/19/16

I'm celebrating the completion of my 100th Animal Board! Many more to come! 11/13/16

I've been working on a series of Animal Boards titled the Endangered Species Series. They're animals that fall on the list between Least Concern - Extinct. Each painting has an information card on the backside with fun information on the animal. The series was inspired by one of my favorite shows, Planet Earth. 11/12/16

I have officially started my post graduation traveling! I will be in Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, and California for the next year. My goal is to visit schools, companies, artist, and most importantly, family. If you have any recommendations of places I should visit (art related or not) please let me know!

Sold work at the annual Ames Downtown Art Walk, June 4, 2016! Chocolaterie Stam was a great host, and I hope to do it again.

Here are some process photos of my most recent project made of magazine pieces. Personality Check.

Skittles Self-Portrait Focus Grant project funded through Iowa State University. Completed in July 2015, this 5' x 5' portrait is made up of over 20,000 Skittles. The project was on display at Iowa State's Memorial Union in April 2016.

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