"Iowa Raised"

Caroline Freese was born and raised on a small farm in Indianola, IA. Always involved in her parents’ farm and 4-H, she has a soft spot for animals and nature. Graduating cum laude from Iowa State University in the spring of 2016, Caroline earned a BFA in Integrated Studio Arts.

Caroline is an emerging multimedia artist focusing in acrylic painting, digital designs, and ceramics. Her art is all connected through her animal designs, which form the base of her brand. She creates unique, folk, animal paintings on wood. These images are then applied to her handmade pottery using black iron oxide printed decals. Caroline uses B-mix clay and a potter’s wheel to create modern, functional pottery. Her forms are unique to her brand, and are fired in an electric kiln to cone 6. She performs every step in the process by hand.

Caroline joined the Creative Artists’ Studios of Ames in January 2018, where she worked in the shared clay area. As of 2022, she moved to Indianola, IA where she set up her own private pottery studio. You can find her work for sale in person at the Octagon Center for the Arts Shop in Ames, IA, Little Woods: Herbs and Teas in Ames, IA, The Knittery Nook and Fiber Co in Ames, IA and Mary Rose Collection in Perry, IA, or online at Etsy.

First animal board by Caroline Freese

First Animal Board painted in 2015