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Jewelry Collage Lauren Engley

Life Experience

Jewelry and hot glue on plywood

26"w x 60"h


Let the snow fall on your head. I captured a simple moment in time when life was experienced. I was walking down the street with my best friend while big, heavy snowflakes were falling. She let them fall on her head.

      When I graduated from college my professors told me, “Now you have to go get life experience.” What is life experience, but the simple everyday actions we share?

      My first life experience after college took me to my grandparents' farm in Maryland. Here I created this collage made out of old jewelry my grandfather bought at auctions. Using my friend as inspiration, and the materials my family provided, I created my first work of art as an artist experiencing life.


2017, 49 Clay, Fiber, Paper, Glass, Metal, Wood, Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames, IA. Community Gallery; Jan. 26 - Apr. 7; National; Juried by Peter Pinnell, University of Nebraska Professor of Art, Lincoln, NE


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