The project is based around the six-sided form, the hexagon, with an entire dinning set including a table that seats six, six chairs, and 18 ceramic plates.

The table is composed of six smaller freestanding tables that come together to form a larger table. Each freestanding table can be used separately when a large dining table is not needed. The tabletop is made of birdseye maple with a polyurethane finish, which helps seal the wood from water damage, but keeps most of the natural color of the wood.

The dining set is also strongly inspired by the hexagon. Each set has three plates – two are hexagonal and the bottommost plate is circular. There are three distinguishing sets that repeat twice on the table, creating a soft repetitive design.

The glaze choice for each plate was inspired by the upholstery fabric on each chair.

The CChairs are meant to be comfortable, cozy, modern, and encourage engaged conversation. The back is made out of solid walnut bent plywood, and the thick cushioned upholstery makes the CChair comfortable, and adds a warm, cozy aspect to the modern design. The chairs are very durable and can be easily integrated into everyday use in a household.

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